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Find new poetry by Sarah L Dixon in the following publications:

Finding Huddersfield Blog 1

The Finding Huddersfield Blog part 1 – Huddersfield Sounds

One of my poetry/art friends (Hannah Boyd) challenged me to be part of a project where you wrote your aims for the next year on a plate and I am reporting back on the plate I wrote on this time last year.

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Review of 'The sky is cracked' by Ben Banyard

The sky is cracked – Sarah L Dixon

Ben Banyard review via the link above

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Review from David Mitchell at Sabotage Reviews

The Sky Is Cracked by Sarah L Dixon

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'Worcester Love' in Contour magazine

I will share the poem in a month when people have visited site to read the other poems too 🙂 More »

The sky is cracked - poetry pamphlet out now!!!

Hello All! My first ever poetry pamphlet is now available.

Themes include: break-up, music, pubs, friendship, longing, love, connection, adventures and moving on. 

Cost is £6 in person. Or £7.25 (incl UK P&P) either by cheque in advance, through PayPal or directly to my bank account.  Read More »

The Sky is Cracked - my first pamphlet is out with Half Moon Books in October 2017

A link for the pamphlet soon, but for now some responses to the poems and the pamphlet:

Sarah Dixon writes so knowingly and with unerring lightness of touch. She knows about breaking and aching and treads nimbly between mythic, modern, and the sweet specificity of the mundane. She knows...Read More »

Interview of Sarah L Dixon by Simon Zonenblick of Caterpillar Poetry

Interview here about poets, poetry, notebooks, morris-dancers, inspiration, water and what is next:

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Pamphlet due out in November 2017 with Half Moon Books - 'The sky is cracked'

My break-up pamphlet, which is sad but optimistic, I hope, is due out in November with Half Moon Books, formerly Otley word Feast Press....Read More »

My Poem 'I am morris-dancing inside' is in the Troubadour music anthology

Exciting news. I will share this poem here in a while, but for now you can buy a copy of the anthology from here:

Troubadour (A Picaroon Poetry Anthology)

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Clear Poetry - 3 poems - The Key, The wisdom of a four-year old and A blot on the week.

I have three poems up on Clear Poetry Today. They can be found here:

Sarah L Dixon – three poems

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'Unbecoming' on Three Drops from a Cauldron - 1st April 2016

Here is the link to the poem on the site:

I will replace it with the poem in a month, so the Three Drops site gets all visits for April.

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'Not Human Today' in The Interpreter's House #61

Not human today


My head is the sun.

from a distance it is round

up close it is volatile

and makes less sense


My torso often gives away

gargoyle thoughts

but today it is an angel

beautiful with hate


I have one limb

stolen from a stone circle

it insists on pagan ritual

makes me a detached observer

of candles and sacrifice


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Current Publications and upcoming in April 2016


My poem Not Human Today has been published in The Interpreter’s House Issue 61.

This is now available here:

I have also had two poems accepted for publication in Three Drops from a Cauldron.

Unbecoming Someone will be published online on 1st April.
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